Corporate Issuance

Features. Corporate issuance is now possible using RicardoTM, by SystemicsTM to describe and manage instruments for internal accounting and financing purposes.

Inside the Firm. An internal dollar creates a hard monetary unit, yet each dollar represents a free unit of currency. This is the best of both worlds for the budgets department; the hard discipline of the dollar, drilled down into the lowest levels of the company, without having to raise working capital in order to drive the discipline!

How an internal money helps:

Perhaps best of all, this can be done without raising new capital. The discipline of the market place comes into the firm without costing an arm and a leg!

Outside the Firm. There are two possibilities, walking hand in hand: for your creditors to take your internal money as immediate and full payment for your debt, and for your customers to pay in full and complete with the same money.

In this sense, your money becomes a credit note. There is good reason for your creditors to also take your internal money.

When they take your own internal money, creditors swap their uncertain, undated, undocumented, often stagnant position in debt for a documented, dated, certain instrument. What's more, it's fungible. They can also use this instrument in the settlement of their own debts!

Inside your Balance Sheet. In time, and with a firm and honest hand at the wheel, your company can move your AR/AP across to your own unit of exchange.

As a currency, this development can move your financing towards 0% terms. Holders of your issue have financed you on much more favourable terms, in exchange for an instrument of far superior qualities.

Related Products. Ricardo is used to issue your internal money. Several additional products use Ricardo to participate in that financial system:

Ricardo is built for flexibility and financial strength. It also performs well for less stringent applications such as loyalty systems ("airmiles"), discriminatory tokens (vouchers), and internal monetary systems such as casinos.

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