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Systemics Inc is a company specialising in Financial Cryptography, an emerging discipline at the conjunction of Internet, finance and cryptography. Within this field, Systemics builds and fields systems that manage value over the Internet.

Many products fielded by Systemics are based on the Cryptix libraries of strong cryptography. Systemics was the the original author of Cryptix, and since spinning off the code as an open source project, the Cryptix Development Team maintained the product until around 2004.

Systemics applications built upon the foundations of strong cryptography include the Ricardo system of Internet finance. This innovative system includes clients capable of retail payments and loyalty systems. The same core infrastructure provides for the basis of Systemics stock exchange technology, which demonstrates Real Time Gross Settlement of 60 seconds over the Internet.

Systemics managed the client side within the WebFunds line, going through 4 separate generations which culminated in Lucaya, which was re-engineered from the ground up to be based on a full messaging architecture (see SDP1). WebFunds is written in Java and is capable of doing payments, trading and messaging (IM) within the Ricardo environment.

Many of the governance ideas from Systemics found a new lease of life in the CAcert community. The various rights layer and associated alternative dispute resolution concepts were also applied to the web of trust and the CAcert Arbitration project. This concept is further explained as The Inverted Pyramid of Identity.