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Systemics people have consulted on a wide range of secure products, from encryption email such as Hushmail, to global web-of-trust community CAs such as


The Ricardo architecture for financial cryptography products allows online assets to be created, managed and traded, either directly or on an exchange. The Ricardo Issuance Server, a platform for issuing online currencies, shares, bonds and other financial instruments, manages the registry and issuance aspects of contract-based financial instruments of all forms.


WebFunds is a generic application that provides access to payment systems and advanced applications through a single, coherent user interface. WebFunds currently facilitates access to Systemics' Ricardo payment and trading platform.

WebFunds was originally developed by Systemics and subsequently open-sourced to provide the community with the common infrastructure necessary for access to the Ricardo architecture. WebFunds is written in Java for maximum portability and can be found at


Pumphouse is a bridge between the strong crypto world of Ricardo and the HTML-based world of browsing. Pumphouse offers an open XML-X interface that works on a password basis for security. A website can easily and efficiently drive XML-X to gain access to the Ricardo space.

Pumphouse marries the convenience of browsing with the strong cryptographic security of Ricardo. Now, users can access Ricardo via their standard browser, over SSL-secured connections, without having to deal with downloads and program installs.

Trading Exchanges

Systemics fields trading exchanges for classical financial instrument trading as well as trading of intellectual derivatives such as tasks and ideas. Instruments such as currencies, bonds and shares are easily addressed within the Ricardian Contract. The Exchange Server for instrument trading delivers RTGS(T+0) trades on the Internet.

More sophisticated issues such as derivatives, options, tasks and ideas can be addressed using splits and reverse splits.


Systemics was instrumental in developing the Cryptix line of open-source cryptographic software libraries. After the initial release, independent developers quickly joined the project, turning Cryptix into the cryptographic toolkit of choice for the Java platform. In 1999, the Cryptix project was spun off as a independent, non-profit organisation. For more information, visit the Cryptix website.